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Updated: March 26th, 2024

We are working on Mindsera 2.0

Instead of shipping incremental improvements, we decided to focus almost solely on a complete redesign of the app based on the feedback you shared with us – more simple, more intuitive, more magic!

We strive for excellence and won't rest until Mindsera is a factory for genius. Our team has grown recently, so development is effectively accelerating.

Some things that are coming:

  • ✍️ New smart editor: No switching between the mentors, frameworks, coaches, or waiting to get feedback after analyzing the entry. Everything will be integrated into one seamless experience.
  • 🔍 Long-term insights: Discover patterns between emotions and thoughts over time. There will also be integrations with other apps!
  • 🤝 Personalized experience: Mindsera will learn about you and adapt its responses to better suit your preferences, needs, and interests over time.

Some things that are as important for us as ever:

  • 🔒 Complete privacy and freedom of thought.
  • 🧠 Building AI to enhance your thinking, not replace you.

Creating anything worthwhile is a long journey. Thank you for the support!



  • ✅ Voice journaling – Pause while recording, background save, increased recording time to 15 minutes, difficult words, custom input language, and more coherent transcription.
  • ✅ App speed – We updated our servers, so the app should be faster all around the world.



  • ✅ Bug fixes – A bunch of smaller fixes related to tags, weekly email, and chat interface.


  • ✅ Updated art generation – We improved the art generation quality by a lot. The images now look much better.


  • ✅ Weekly review – Email consisting of your weekly stats and analysis based on the last seven-day entries.
  • ✅ Email courses – Email courses for frameworks and journaling challenges.
  • ✅ Coherent theme – You choice of theme is now connected to your account, so it will be coherent across devices and browsers.


  • ✅ Import entries – Import entries with markdown and migrate from other platforms.
  • ✅ Analyse all entries – Ask questions, find out what topics you think about, what causes you the most positive/negative emotions, etc.


  • ✅ Updated sorting & search – Add, sort, and search entries with tags.
  • ✅ Suggested following questions – Mentors now generate relevant follow-up questions to ask.
  • ✅ Midsentence cutoff fix – Coach and mentor responses were sometimes cutoff midsentence. This should happen a lot less now. We also added a 'Continue' button that instructs mentors to continue where they left off.
  • ✅ Thought analysis context increase – You can now use the thought analysis to analyse 500 words, instead of 250.
  • ✅ Automatic signout issue on mobile – You should now stay signed in to Mindsera when you use the web app on mobile.
  • ✅ Change thought analysis – You can now update the type of analysis without going through the process of making the text active again.


  • ✅ Entry analysis stuck fix – Some entries were stuck in the “Analyzing” status. Now when an entry is not analyzed in five minutes (usually takes ~30 seconds), it will go back into draft mode and can be analyzed again.
  • ✅ Suggestions blank fix – We fixed the bug that caused suggestions to be blank after the entry analysis.
  • ✅ Short-term memory increase – Mentors and coaches have a longer context window now.


  • ✅ Signup/onboarding flows – We designed new signup and onboarding flows that are more interactive.
  •  Date formatting – Automatic date formatting (DD/MM/YYYY, MM/DD/YYYY) based on your location.
  • ✅ Analyse parts of the text – Make a section active and analyze it for cognitive biases, alternative perspectives, irrational beliefs, etc.
  •  Bug fixes – Fixed the voice journaling transcription issues.


  • ✅ Female mentors – Let us know about remarkable women you would want to be mentored by.
  • ✅ Archive entries – Now you have an option besides “Delete” to archive your entries.
  • ✅ Faster coach/mentor replies – Improved speed of replies. A small thing, but we think it makes a difference.
  • ✅ Change theme – Manually choose your theme under settings. The three options are ‘system settings’, ‘light mode’, and ‘dark mode.
  • ✅ Bullet lists – We added bullet lists to the editor as they can be a helpful tool for enhancing our thinking process.
  • ✅ Dashboard update – The new dashboard has quick lists of the main features and featured frameworks.
  •  Bug fixes – The summary doesn’t say “narrator/user/writer” anymore and is constantly in first-person point of view. Fixed various bugs with the coach and increased the context window. Fixed the analysis feature being stuck due to API outage by moving to another service provider.


  • ✅ Mobile interface – With Safari's 'Add to Home Screen' on iOS to get a native like experience.
  • ✅ Voice journaling – This makes journaling a lot easier on mobile.
  • ✅ Infinite Prompts– Start writing, and the journal starts asking questions. Also available on the free plan.
  • ✅ Sign-in with Google – Use your Google Account to log in.
  • ✅ Copy questions to the editor – Copy all questions in a framework to the text editor with one click.
  •  Bug fixes – Mentor now has a short-term memory (if the text is cut off mid-sentence, write 'continue'); analysis works with longer (1500-2000 word) entries; small UI fixes


  • ✅ Framework coaching v1 – Instead of writing templates, you can chat with a chatbot trained to coach you based on a specific framework.
  • ✅ Export to markdown – You own your data and should be able to export your entries and analysis to markdown.
  •  Bug fixes – Timezone and total writing time are sometimes wrong; reset chat not working properly under mentor; consistent break lines under suggestions; status update for AI features when OpenAI API has an outage.