What we are working on. Suggest a feature:


  • AI generated frameworks – We're working on building frameworks and analyses that check in on previous suggestions and surface/connect previous thoughts to current things.
  • Analyse all entries – Ask questions, find out what topics you think about, what causes you the most positive/negative emotions, etc.
  • Mentors with long-term memory – Remembers your previous conversations, so you don't need to explain things all over again each time.
  • Updated sorting & search – Sort entries with tags.
  • Import entries – Import entries with markdown.


  • Analyse parts of the text – Make a section active and analyze it for cognitive biases, alternative perspectives, irrational beliefs, etc. (end of this week)
  • ✅ Female mentors – Let us know about remarkable women you would want to be mentored by.
  • ✅ Archive entries – Now you have an option besides “Delete” to archive your entries.
  • ☑️ Community – We're launching a community so that you can connect with like-minded people. We're slowly rolling out invites.
  • ✅ Faster coach/mentor replies – Improved speed of replies. A small thing, but we think it makes a difference.
  •  Bug fixes – The summary doesn’t say “narrator/user/writer” anymore and is constantly in first-person point of view.


  • ✅ Mobile interface – With Safari's 'Add to Home Screen' on iOS to get a native like experience.
  • ✅ Voice journaling – This makes journaling a lot easier on mobile.
  • ✅ Infinite Prompts– Start writing, and the journal starts asking questions. Also available on the free plan.
  • ✅ Sign-in with Google – Use your Google Account to log in.
  • ✅ Copy questions to the editor – Copy all questions in a framework to the text editor with one click.
  •  Bug fixes – Mentor now has a short-term memory (if the text is cut off mid-sentence, write 'continue'); analysis works with longer (1500-2000 word) entries; small UI fixes


  • ✅ Framework coaching v1 – Instead of writing templates, you can chat with a chatbot trained to coach you based on a specific framework.
  • ✅ Export to markdown – You own your data and should be able to export your entries and analysis to markdown.
  •  Bug fixes – Timezone and total writing time are sometimes wrong; reset chat not working properly under mentor; consistent break lines under suggestions; status update for AI features when OpenAI API has an outage.


  • ISO/IEC 27001 certificate – We’re working towards getting the world's best-known standard for information security management systems.
  • Coaching v2 – We're working on a larger update for AI framework coaching.
  • Custom & community frameworks – Create your own frameworks, share them with others, and browse community ones.
  • iOS/Android App – Fully native experience with offline access.
  • Academy's first course – Cognitive science based course to train your critical thinking, decision making, and problem solving skills.
  • Multilingual support – Journal and use the app in your native laungage.
  • Chatbot based on yourself – Talk with yourself and send your digital mind to have lengthy conversations with famous historical figures and discover highly-personalised insights for you.