Frameworks help you structure your thinking around specific goals.

About mental models & frameworks

“You’ve got to have models in your head and you’ve got to array your experience – both vicarious and direct – onto this latticework of mental models.” – Charlie Munger

Mental models help us understand the world (how reality works), so we can see things from multiple perspectives, have fewer blind spots, and make high-quality decisions.

“Your entire life runs on the software—the models—in your head. Why wouldn't you obsess over optimizing it?” – Tim Urban

The biggest difference between an 'average' mind and a 'genius' is the models in their heads.

“I basicaly load my head full of mental models.” – Naval Ravikant

Frameworks make mental models actionable by helping you structure your thinking around specific goals.

Whether you're looking to make better decisions, improve your overall well-being, or boost your productivity, there's a framework for that.

Why it matters?

Based on McKinsey & WEF reserach,  7 out of 10 future work skills are cognitive. At the same time, you don't learn those skills in University (even Ivy League) based on the study of professor James Flynn.

The best way to train your mind to think in new ways is through structured writing because there's little difference between writing and thinking. Writing is a sophisticated form of thinking.

By utilizing the potency of mental models and frameworks, Mindsera's structured writing templates help you to train your mind to think in novel ways.

Framework categories

We have over 50 mental models and frameworks for various goals.

  • AI () Artificial intelligence powered generative frameworks for journaling.
    • AI frameworks are accessible only through the frameworks drop-down menu.
  • Journaling (💬)  – Structure your journaling practice with various recurring writing templates.
  • Productivity (🚀) – Optimize your time and energy, set and achieve goals, build habits, and make progress faster.
  • Decision Making (↔️) – Make short and long-term decisions, assess and analyze your judgment, and get clarity.
  • Problem Solving (🧩) – Solve complex problems, think critically, assess root causes, and create innovation.
  • Wellness (🌱) – Find purpose and meaning, develop emotional intelligence, improve your energy and wellbeing.
  • Business (💼) – Design better products and services, find your niche, and develop a pitch.

How to browse all frameworks?

Click on the frameworks icon in the main navigation menu to see all frameworks.


Open a framework by clicking on the name.


How to sort and search frameworks?

You can sort frameworks by category and search through them.


How to use the frameworks drop-down menu

Start a new entry and click on the light bulb (💡) icon in the right side menu to open the copilot.


Click on the active framework name to open the drop-down menu.


Click on the category you want to open.


Click on the framework you want to use.


Now you can choose to either use the framework for journaling or get coached based on the framework.


How search for frameworks in the drop-down menu?

Click on the search icon.